• Exploring Our Past, Envisioning Our Future: New Curator Dr. Emma Finestone on the Museum’s Transformation

    The Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s transformation includes a new, interdisciplinary strategy for collaboration among research staff. As part of this effort, the Museum recently appointed Dr. Emma Finestone Assistant Curator of Human Origins.

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  • An Opportunity to Democratize Science: New Curator Dr. Elizabeth Sawchuk on the Museum’s Transformation

    As we reimagine the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, we are building an interdisciplinary team of scientists whose research will be fully integrated with our new exhibits and educational programs. Dr. Elizabeth “Ebeth” Sawchuk recently joined this team as the Museum’s Assistant Curator of Human Evolution.

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  • Support from the Jones Day Foundation

    The Museum recently received a $300,000 grant from the Jones Day Foundation in support of the Transforming the World of Discovery campaign. The grant will help to fund the complete reimagining of our campus and all our exhibits.

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  • Chace Anderson

    Past President, Board of Directors; Campaign Co-Chair; Managing Partner, CM Wealth Advisors

    “Revitalizing this Museum is essential to establishing us as a leader among our local and national peers and creating a first-rate space worthy of our scientists, our collections, and our programs. A modern, sustainable facility; integrated labs and learning areas; expanded galleries; interactive exhibits; and added green space and wildlife habitat will enable this Museum to shine and do even more of what we do best.”

  • Jon Grimm

    Past Chair, Board of Directors

    “The Museum is a classroom that helps people of all ages understand natural history and become better stewards of the environment. When the transformation project is complete, the Museum will have a far greater capacity for these efforts, therefore increasing the number of people it touches and having a greater impact on sustainability and human health.”

  • Sally Sears

    Chair, Board of Directors; Campaign Co-Chair

    “As a parent, I have many fond memories of bringing my children to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. The Transforming the World of Discovery campaign will ensure that future generations have 
the same opportunity to experience the wonders 
of science and nature.”

  • Susan Donlan

    Member of the Board of Directors

    “Through this transformation, we’re making an incredible contribution to our community. There’s so much to the Museum—what you see and beyond. This Museum is for all of us and about all of us. It’s about understanding ourselves and where we are today and, more important, where we’re heading.”

  • James Hambrick

    Campaign Co-Chair; Former CEO, The Lubrizol Corporation

    “From a business perspective, the Museum’s emphasis on creating a scientifically literate workforce and encouraging students to pursue STEM careers is critical. This Museum is educating our future scientists.”

  • Woods King

    Member of the Board of Directors

    “The Museum isn’t just about exhibits. There are so many things going on—the extensive collections and also the conservation work. Not many museums in the country—or the world—are doing what our Museum is doing.”


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